Surviving the No Good, Horrible Spring Allergy Season

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This year has been extremely bad for a lot of allergy sufferers. Blooms have just begun, leaving a ton of pollen to begin circulating into the air. Lots of people are suffering through the symptoms of seasonal spring allergies. Here are some tips to help you through the worst of it:

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Warm Weather Activities and Stretches To Go With

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With all of the warm weather in New England currently, you might be dying to get outside and do a lot of moving around. With warm weather comes all of the things we enjoy doing outside, such as spring gardening, bike riding, path walking, and more adventurous things such as mountain trail hiking or climbing, camping, fishing, and more.

After sitting stagnant inside all winter (or not so stagnant if you participate in winter sports or did a lot of shoveling as some of us have), it may be difficult for you to just get up and go outside to enjoy the high-energy things you normally do during warm weather. Even just a few hours of strenuous raking can cause pulled muscles or pain in your muscles that can radiate for days or even weeks.

That’s why we stress the importance of stretching your muscles before you do any sort of physical activity. This is especially useful if you haven’t done that activity in a long while. What stretching does is loosens up your muscles and prepares you for the activity ahead. Stretching only takes a few minutes to perform, and it’ll save you days of aches and pains.

We’ve compiled a list of some great stretches to perform before you start in on some of your spring activities.

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Spring Gardening: Avoiding Aches and Pains in the Garden

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Spring is technically here. With the first day of Spring being Monday, March 20th this year, a lot of people are itching to get outside to start doing some yard work. While the ground may still be frozen and yard work may be some ways away, you might start thinking about your gardening early this year. Many people love trimming up bushes and trees or planting seeds and bulbs in the ground. One thing to keep in mind, especially as you age, is the toll extended sitting, bending over, or doing a variety of garden chores can do on your body. Sudden aches and pains can be a very clear indicator of this and usually the first one you may see, as well as next day soreness or tight muscles.

How can you mitigate these aches and pains while still being able to enjoy what you love doing outside in the garden? We have some solutions for you.

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