Surviving the No Good, Horrible Spring Allergy Season

Purple Spring Flowers

This year has been extremely bad for a lot of allergy sufferers. Blooms have just begun, leaving a ton of pollen to begin circulating into the air. Lots of people are suffering through the symptoms of seasonal spring allergies. Here are some tips to help you through the worst of it:

Figure Out If It’s Really Allergies

A woman blowing her nose into a tissue in front of yellow flowers

It can be really easy to mistake a cold or even the flu with allergies, especially if they seem to occur at the same time as spring allergens seem to crop up. Some key indicators that can help you determine that you may be sick instead of suffering allergies can be if your congestion lasts a long time, your eyes, nose, and top of the mouth itch, your mucus is clear, and if your symptoms seem to get worse if you step outside or engage in outside activities. If you don’t have a fever or aches, chances are it’s allergies.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Work boots sitting on a tree root

Just like taking off your shoes at the door can help keep dirt from being tracked through your house, so can leaving your coat and other outside items by the door. Instead of bringing allergens through your house, you can leave them where they belong.

Try a Hypoallergenic HVAC Filter

Air Conditioners in a row

Right now we’re at a time in the season where it may still be too cold at night to forego the heating, but this can be beneficial to you. You can invest in a hypoallergenic HVAC filter which can help filter out allergens as your HVAC system works through to heat or cool the air in your home.

Wear a Mask for Outdoor Chores

A woman wearing a respiratory mask over her nose and mouth

Just need to mow the lawn? Throw a mask over your face, or at the least, a bandana. Covering your respiratory airways can help allergens pass into your body, and may actually help you reduce your symptoms. Even better, go shop for one marked N95 – specifically made to help filter out those pesky allergen particles.

What do you do to survive the horrible, no good spring allergy season? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I do gardening so I shower when I am finished or at least at the end of the day. Don’t take that pollen to bed with you!
    Change pillow cases daily.

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