Beating the Heat During Your Summer Activities

It’s important any time of year to try to stay as active as you can. While it’s easier to stay inside when it’s cold out, looking outside during a beautiful sunny day can be heartbreaking if you’re staving off physical activity due to the heat. Even just a little bit of moving around can help you stay healthy, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle or job. Taking a little bit of precautionary steps can help you stay safe even during the hottest of weathers.

#1 Go out when peak heat is done

Hot desert landscape

Generally, heat peaks around mid-day. Morning temperatures can be cooler, and if it’s not humid out, night temperatures can be cool as well. Waiting until the sun is not fully up, or has started to go down will help you avoid those sweltering temperatures.

#2 Go slow

When working outside or doing anything out during the heat, it can be very appealing to want to get your work done quickly then run back inside to the AC. While minimizing time outside can appear to minimize discomfort, in actuality, over-exerting yourself during very hot days can be detrimental, leaving you breathless, sweaty, or even worse. Go slow. Don’t speed-walk if you have to mow the lawn. If you have to get up from a crouch or sit, don’t get up too fast. Pace yourself!

#3 Stay hydrated

Man drinking water at the top of a mountain

Of course you know this one. Don’t head outside to do work or go for a run during a hot day on an empty stomach and little to no hydration. Make sure you are adequately fed and you have had plenty to drink so your body has enough energy to keep you upright during hot temperatures!

#4 Dress appropriately

A woman wearing a loose fitting grey sweatshirt

Do you know that loose fitting clothing is better during hot weather than tight fitting clothing? Loose clothing allows you body to “breathe” more, without your sweat clinging to it. Wearing loose and light clothing can help you keep down on the amount of sweat on your clothing, helping it to evaporate faster and keep you dry instead of sticky.

#5 Look for shade

Orange umbrellas lined up

If you need to be outside, look for areas of shade. Being out of direct sunlight will help you avoid sunburn or the possibility of sun poisoning. If you have to go outside to say, pull weeds, start in the shady areas first to acclimate your body to the temperature outside, then gradually move in and out of shade to get your work done.

How do you beat the heat? Let us know in the comments below!

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