Avoiding Stiff Necks & Backs: 3 Stretches You Can Do at the Office

Stretching at the Office

Sitting for long periods in the office can be a terrible strain on your back, neck, and arms. To avoid that kind of ongoing strain, take a few minutes out of your break time to stretch. When you feel stiff or sore, stand up and try out a few of these office-friendly stretches to help limber up your back and neck and keep you out of spinal misery.

Why will stretching at the office help avoid stiffness?

Repetitive stress and bad posture can be major contributors to pain and stiffness in our backs, necks, and shoulders. When we are working at the office stooped over a computer, we may not have the best posture and might experience pain or tightness in our bodies as a result. By interrupting that bad back posture and stretching out those problem spots, you can avoid injuries and pain from a sedentary office lifestyle. Get your back, neck, and shoulders back into shape after a few hours hunched over a keyboard. Focus on these trouble areas and avoid stiffness and pain by doing a few of these stretches every day.

Neck (Head Roll Stretch)

  • Sit with good posture, your shoulders above your hips, and your back resting gently against your chair.
  • Let your head rest gently to one side and roll forward slowly, stretching the muscles at the base of your head and along your shoulder and neck. Keep your back straight.
  • When you get to the middle, roll to the opposite side – but don’t roll back! Neck rolls along the back are often uncomfortable and can lead to discomfort in the spine.
  • Roll your head side to side very slowly and pay attention to the stretching instead of the motion.

Back (Standing Extension Stretch)

  • Stand with your feet as far apart as your shoulders, with your hips and back in alignment.
  • Support your lower back with both hands cupped over your hips.
  • Lean backward slowly and carefully until you feel a stretch in your abdominals and tightness in your lower back.
  • Hold that position for 2-3 seconds and relax. Repeat this three or four times, and think about getting up to do this stretch a few times a day!

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Shoulders (Upward Push Stretch)

  • Sit with good posture and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Raise both arms over your head with your palms facing toward the ceiling.
  • Push your palms upward, but do not lean into the stretch. Keep your posture relaxed and comfortable.
  • Repeat this three or four times.

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With proper posture and regular stretching at the office, you can avoid the pain and stiffness of constant repetitive stress and poor ergonomics. Talk to your office manager about instituting a stretching break for the whole room! Maybe you can start a trend!

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