Exercise Tips for Fall

Fall walking

Whether you’re excited about the upcoming season, or you are clinging to every last ounce of summer, fall is quickly approaching. While some welcome the relief of cooler weather and fun holidays, others find it difficult to keep up with the healthy active routine they have built up over the summer. Progressive Spine and Rehab Center has compiled this list of great exercise routine tips for fall that are good for your back and your overall health!

Keep Your Body Moving

The number one priority for staying healthy in the cooler months is to simply keep your body moving. The key to maintaining an exercise routine is to make yourself start. We understand that sometimes this is easier said than done. Luckily, there are so many ways and options for keeping active in a creative and safe way!

Get Outside

For the cooler months of fall, try getting outside as often as you can. A great exercise routine tip we can give is to take full advantage of crisp weather when exercising. Working up a sweat is much less miserable when it’s not 95 degrees outside. You are less likely to get dehydrated and feel sick this way, too. It’s all about balance! So what kinds of outdoor activities are beneficial for your overall health? Let’s take a look:

  • Hiking: Fall foliage is one of our favorite things – especially in New Hampshire! A great way to get out and enjoy the beautiful colors is to go on a hike. This doesn’t have to be a dramatic and intense hike, you could even slowly walk along a trail. Both of these options are fantastic exercises. 
  • Walk Around the Neighborhood: Take your dog for a walk. Or just walk around the neighborhood enjoying your latest podcast episode. The important thing is that you get active in some capacity every day. 
  • Do Yoga and Stretches: We are big fans of yoga and appropriately stretching your muscles to stay flexible and keep your spine aligned. Fall is a beautiful time to bring your mat onto the front yard or local park and enjoy the fresh air while you meditate. These stretches are also excellent exercise for the health of your back. 

Pair Healthy Eating with Your Exercise Routine

Don’t forget about eating well! Fall brings with it some amazing foods. Go apple picking for your exercise for the day, or scout out the perfect pumpkin for jack-o-lanterns! It’s fun, a seasonal celebration, and a great exercise routine to enjoy!

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