Spring Check In: How’s Your New Year’s Resolution Going?


If you made a New Year’s resolution for better health, how is it working out for you? Whether you’ve decided you’re going to eat better or go to the gym and work out, the best New Year’s resolutions are ones that are planned. If you’ve gone lax on your New Year’s resolution, now’s a great time to start picking up the slack.

Realize what you’re missing

Whether your resolution was to be healthier by eating healthier or by going to the gym more, realize that by continuing to do what you would have done before, you’re missing out. You’re missing out on potential health benefits, some of which are simple: feeling better, less health problems, losing weight, looking better, increased energy, and more. Think about how you could be living if you kept at your resolution.

Set a plan

Whether you haven’t started on your resolution or you kind of fell off of it, the best goals for health are set with a plan. Start slow. If you want to be more active for example, start by taking short walks every day. You can increase the duration of time spent outside as you get more acclimated to doing it. Set a goal to go to the gym once a month and put it on your calendar. Be committed to go regardless of if someone else like a gym buddy decides not to go. Even if you only go for a few minutes each time, it’s better than nothing.

Consistency is key

Research has shown that for something to become a habit, it needs to be completed for at least 21 days. Keeping on top of your daily routine and repetitively sticking on top of it is going to be key to making your New Year’s resolution last. Even skipping one day that early on can get you back into the habit of not making the change you wanted to. Even if you’re feeling lazy or tired, try to bring yourself to do whatever thing you’ve set out — even if it’s for a short period of time — and don’t put it off until the next day. You know that’s how dishes pile up, so keep in mind this is how you can fall behind on your goals, too!

Have any additional tips to share? How’s your New Year’s resolution going? Let us know in the comments below!

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