Posture 101: Why Is Posture So Important?

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One of the things we see a lot of is people with back pain from text neck — looking down at their phones — but we also see people walking around who have adapted to bad posture. Slouchy, arched back walking and standing can be bad for your health. But how?

Bad posture can deepen depression

A study conducted by the San Francisco State University found that when asking people walking down a hill to either skip or slouch, that those who skipped not only had higher energy levels, but also were generally happier and less depressed.

It can cause aches and pains all over your body

Because slouching causes your shoulders to come forward along with your neck and head, you may be experiencing pain that you don’t know is due to your slouching. You can experience pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and even your jaw. Slouching and poor posture can put lots of strain on the lower back as well.

It backs you up – in more way than one!

Poor posture, including crossing of the legs one over another, can back up blood flow, bodily fluids, and gases around your body. Poor posture such as sitting crunched up can cause you to experience back ups in the body related to your bathroom habits, too, due to the way your intestines may be positioned in your body.

Makes you look heavier than you are

Bad posture can make you round your back and roll your shoulders forward, giving you a thicker profile. By fixing your posture, you may find that you not only look skinnier, but you’ll also be happier with your overall look.

Take a look at this infographic that explains more:

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