Staying active during COVID-19 pandemic

As new COVID-19 cases continue to emerge, many healthy individuals are being requested to stay at home in self-quarantine.  In many areas, fitness centers are temporarily closing to help with social distancing.  However, staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active (and sane). Sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity can have negative effects on the health, well-being and quality of life. Physical activity can be valuable tools to help you remain calm and continue to protect your health during this time.

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Stay Safe With Proper Handwashing Techniques

Proper handwashing

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of us scrambling to disinfect, clean, and stay home. However, the easiest way to halt the spread of the coronavirus is to properly wash your hands. We’ve all seen the charts, and there’s plenty more memes going around about it. Still, charts can be hard to understand, and you may be missing vital information. We’ll give you everything you need to know about proper handwashing techniques to help minimize the spread of cold, flu, and other viruses!

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