Health Tips for Those of Us with Desk Jobs

Desk work

If you’re one of the many people who makes their living at a desk, it’s important to practice some simple strategies to protect your health in the process. 

Sedentary behavior, like sitting for prolonged periods of time might be a necessary evil to get the work done, but can also be harmful to your health. 

Given that an estimated 80% of Americans work a desk job of some sort, taking note of the following tips is important. 

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Spring into Outdoor Exercise!

Magnolia trees

We are counting down the days to the official start of spring and don’t have much longer to wait for its arrival. Spring officially begins on March 20, 2022, marking the start of an exciting season to revamp your exercise routine by taking it outside. 

Spending time outdoors is not only fun, it also packs some proven health benefits, like the following… 

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3 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Winter

Winter sledding

While we all know that staying active, no matter the season, is important, it can be tricky to do so during the winter. Between the snow, ice, and downright frigid temperatures, the very idea of getting out and doing much of anything is enough to inspire many of us to stay snug on the couch. Of course, the winter will come to an end, and often sooner than we realize. 

For that reason and in defense of healthy habits, it’s important to stay active this winter. Ideally, most adults should shoot for a half an hour of activity at least five days per week. 

Take heart, you might already be closer to achieving this goal than you think… 

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2021 Open Enrollment is here!

Open enrollment is here

It’s time once more for open enrollment season at Open enrollment runs until December 15th, 2021 and gives you an opportunity to apply and shop for new health care and dental plans in your state. You don’t want to miss out on this and be stuck without a health insurance plan for 2022.

Here’s what you should know about open enrollment.

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