3 Fun Ways to Stay Active this Winter

Winter sledding

While we all know that staying active, no matter the season, is important, it can be tricky to do so during the winter. Between the snow, ice, and downright frigid temperatures, the very idea of getting out and doing much of anything is enough to inspire many of us to stay snug on the couch. Of course, the winter will come to an end, and often sooner than we realize. 

For that reason and in defense of healthy habits, it’s important to stay active this winter. Ideally, most adults should shoot for a half an hour of activity at least five days per week. 

Take heart, you might already be closer to achieving this goal than you think… 

Get Outside

Yes, it’s cold. However, layering up and strolling your neighborhood for a half hour or so will only do you good. Grab your gloves, hat, scarf, winter jacket, and warm snow boots before venturing outdoors. Not only do you want to stay healthy but ensuring that you’re warm and comfy on these winter walks will inspire you to stick to them. 

No Thank You, Nor’Easter

Of course, there’s cold and then there’s just downright unforgiving winter weather. Be it frosty or frigid temperatures, sometimes staying indoors is the smartest option. Even so, you can stay active by scrolling your TV or laptop for a fitness show — like an aerobics or yoga class. The intensity doesn’t matter as much as the energy and effort expended. 

Pro-tip: tune into your preferred fitness class in between your favorite binge-worthy shows for a perfect blend of exercise and entertainment. 

Keep a Clean House

Okay, so it’s a tougher sell but straightening up your house can actually count towards your winter fitness goals. Whether that means sweeping, vacuuming, frenzied dusting or decluttering and carting boxes down to the basement or out to the recycling and trash bins, chores absolutely count towards wintertime fitness!  

For more support to keep fit and healthy this winter, contact Progressive Spine & Rehab Center today!

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