Health Tips for Those of Us with Desk Jobs

Desk work

If you’re one of the many people who makes their living at a desk, it’s important to practice some simple strategies to protect your health in the process. 

Sedentary behavior, like sitting for prolonged periods of time might be a necessary evil to get the work done, but can also be harmful to your health. 

Given that an estimated 80% of Americans work a desk job of some sort, taking note of the following tips is important. 

Defend Your Health at Your Desk

The health concerns associated with desk jobs are many and include everything from back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, increased weight gain, cardiovascular issues, and even diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

In order to combat these ills (literally) it’s important to first be aware of them and then practice simple habits to protect yourself against them. 

Move it!

Obviously moving more often is key and you can do that by setting a timer to get up and move your body every hour. Whether that means walking around, stretching, dropping to the floor for a few push ups or planks, whatever it is getting your blood pumping for even a few minutes will make a difference.  

Make friends with your phone.

Put your phone to work for you by taking all calls while on the move. Even if moving in this case can only be standing or walking around your office, make it a point to train your body to get up and go when it’s time to take or make a call. 

Hydrate often and snack smart.

Given that so many of us work remotely, it’s unlikely that you’ll have as many temptations typical of a “normal” office setting. This means you have an opportunity to load your fridge and pantry with healthy, protein-packed snacks that are low in calories while still satisfying. 

Hydration is also important, not only to flush toxins out of your system but to keep you satiated, rather than snacking. Check out our 5 Tips to Stay Well-Hydrated

Bookend your work day with a workout

Getting up early and squeezing in a workout is ideal to keep you energized throughout the day and more conscious of your choices, relative to food and more movement. Still, not all of us are early birds, in which case getting some exercise at the end of your work day is also beneficial. 

Pro-tip: actually scheduling your fitness sessions just as you would a call with a client will help you commit and keep up with a daily exercise routine. 

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