Prehab: Start your Recovery Process Before Surgery for Better Results

Woman on Prehab BallOften, when people think of prehab or rehab, they immediately think of physical therapy. But did you know, Chiropractors are also qualified to prescribe therapeutic exercises? Fortunately, here at Progressive Spine & Rehab Center, we offer BOTH chiropractic and physical therapy.

You’ve heard of rehab to help you recover after surgery. But increasing evidence suggests steps taken before you head to the operating room can improve what happens afterward.

A Step in the Right Direction

Prehab Therapy

Exercise, diet changes, and other steps can make sure you’re physically and mentally ready for your procedure. Doctors call it prehabilitation. They say patients who focus on it can reduce their risk of complications during surgery. Plus, they’ll heal more swiftly afterward. The process may include:

  • Exercise: Build mobility, strength, and fitness before surgery. This helps our body bounce back more quickly.
  • Nutrition: Preoperative healthy eating means you’ll get all the nutrients you’ll need for healing. Protein is one of the most important.
  • Psychological preparation: Relaxation and stress-management techniques ease the emotions that go along with treatment. Your wounds may heal more quickly if your mood is improved.

Another reason prehab works; Making lifestyle changes may be easier before surgery, when you’re less fatigued. Plus, they give you active steps to take as you wait for your surgery date.  If you’ve strengthened your body and mind beforehand, it’s easier to maintain these healthy habits as you recover.

Just for Men

Man doing YogaResearch has already found prehab effective for patients having surgery for colon cancer, which strikes
about one in 20 men. And doctors are studying it for men with prostate cancer, too.

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