What’s worse than Ebola?

Ebola Strain

Ebola is a one of the scariest diseases in existence. Just mentioning the name is enough to cause goose bumps on even the most macho man. Rightfully so, Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is downright gruesome with a case fatality rate as high as 90%. Part of the mystique of Ebola is that no one is sure where it can be found, there are no vaccinations, and we are uncertain about how humans are infected in the first place. What we are sure about is the number of deaths attributed to the recent outbreak of Ebola; as of October 25, 2014 the total is approximately 5,078. Fortunately, through modern sanitation and medical interventions, along with modern disease control procedures, we are unlikely to ever become infected. There are however other conditions that need to be addressed as they too are seriously impacting our lives and in MUCH larger numbers.

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