Sickness in the Summer? Watch out for Summer Illnesses

Beach in the Summer

When someone gets sick in the summer, whether it’s with the common cold or flu, we often ask “who gets sick in the summer?” Just because it isn’t flu season, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get sick in the summer. In fact, there are possibly even more places that you can pick up a sickness from in the summer than in the winter.

During the summer we are more active and do a lot more activities outside. Because of this, our risk of getting sick in the summer can become higher, especially if we don’t take precautions. Let’s take a look at some of the most common summer illnesses:

  1. Bug bites & stings. You know that summer is a time for mosquitoes and ticks to come out. You know that mosquitoes and ticks can carry diseases like Lyme and others. Make sure you’re taking precautions to stay safe while these critters are around! Use effective bug sprays and repellents rather than homemade sprays. Your body will thank you!
  2. Recreational water illnesses. You might be aware that hot tubs sometimes have a lot of germs and bacteria hanging around in them, but what about lakes, rivers, and streams? Bacteria can be spread through water fairly easily, including e. coli, norovirus, and more. That’s why many people avoid the public pool and choose instead to go to the beach. Just make sure that you are taking precautions against catching potentially harmful viruses from public water holes.
  • Don’t swallow the water.
  • Shower both before and after.
  • Avoid swimming directly after it rains.
  • Avoid swimming anywhere that you can see a discharge pipe.
  • Don’t change baby diapers waterside – use a changing room and wash your hands before and after.
  • Clean your swimming wear after you are finished using it for the day.
  • Do not swim in pools or hot tubs that reek of chlorine.
  • Do not swim in pools or hot tubs that are cloudy or foamy.
  • Dry your ears as much as you can after swimming – do not stick a Q-tip or otherwise into the ear canal.

3. Food poisoning. It’s easy to forget during the warm weather that bacteria loves to grow on room-temperature food. That’s why it’s important to put away any leftovers from a cookout or BBQ while they’re still hot and not room temperature — to curb the growth of bacteria. Make sure you are also washing your hands before and after handling food. Look out for cross contamination as well!

4. Heat-related stresses & illnesses. Remember, being out in the sun is fun, but if you stay out too long without proper breaks or even attire, you may be putting yourself in danger. Make sure on hot days to stay hydrated and wear loosely fitting clothes. Make sure to wear sunblock while heading outside, and stay near shade during particularly blistering days. Recognize the signs of heat stroke and dehydration. Go inside to someplace cooler and shaded if you are feeling dizzy or woozy.

We hope these tips help you stay happy and healthy this summer!

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