5 Stress Relief Tips for the Holidays

Woman around Holidays

We know that the holidays can be a difficult time of year. With lots of rushing around, making plans, shopping, and stress over money and visiting family, we know that it can be difficult to remember that stressing can affect your health in a detrimental way. That’s why we’ve got some great holiday tips and tricks to help you beat the stress this holiday season.

1. Take a break, take a breather

It’s easy to put your nose to the grindstone and lose track of time when you’re working hard. Whether it’s at work or at home, you should always remember to take breaks, especially during stressful periods of time. If you have difficulty remembering to take breaks, set timers on your phone, or even ask your digital personal assistant (Alexa, Google, etc) to set break times for you.

2. Get exercise

It can be even easier to forego normal exercise routines during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Make sure you get out running, walking the dog, go to the gym, or otherwise. Exerting your energy can do wonders to minimize stress levels. Even putting aside just a few minutes to get some physical activity out can help de-stress you around the holidays.

3. Say NO

Don’t stretch yourself thin. Whether it’s family or friends, remember it’s OK to say no to showing up at events, doing things that seem impossible, or taking on additional tasks for yourself. It’s easy to feel guilty around the holiday season, but your health and the health of your family should come above everything. If you really struggle to say no to someone, at least tell them you’ll get back to them, so you can take a little bit of time to work up the gusto to say no.

Hot chocolate and cookies in front of a Christmas tree4. Eat healthy

Sugary sweets, bon-bons, gingerbread, candy canes, and all of those holiday treats may be calling your name, but remember that real food with substantial nutritional value is really what will carry you throughout the day. You need energy to get everything done — make sure you’re eating full meals and not skipping any! Easy on the holiday sweets, too! We promise your waist line will thank you, too.

5. Exert patience

When you’re putting up the lights and they just aren’t working, it’s easy to lose your cool. When you get frustrated, whether it’s putting up the lights or around friends and family, it might be a sign to take a short break. Step aside, take a few minutes to yourself, take a breath, go for a short walk, then return to your project.

Have any holiday de-stressing tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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