I think I can!

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Within healthcare, much research has been done focusing on outcome of various treatments with regards to relieving patient complaints. Through this research, a set of prediction rules have been created which identify the likelihood of a positive outcome. In other words, these rules predict if a patient is going to get better or not.

For example, the rules predicting a positive outcome for patients with a low back disorder include:
– Pain duration less than 16 days
– Fear avoidance belief questionnaire score less than 19
– At least one hip with greater than 35° internal rotation range of motion
– Hypomobility of the lumbar spine
– No symptoms below the knee

In my experience however, the number one determining factor as to whether or not a patient improves and/or completely resolves their issues is, the patient’s mindset before ever walking into my clinic. Do you want to get better? Are you willing to do what it takes to heal? Are you prepared to take control of your own health?

The job of a healthcare professional is to encourage and guide patients to take responsibility for their health, helping them improve their confidence in their ability to overcome dis-ease and maintain good health.

Having an “I can” attitude means you accept the challenges inherent in recovering from an injury or illness. Without this positive attitude, you are destined to “spin-your-tires” wondering why nothing changes. Most likely, placing blame anywhere else but yourself.

I’m sure most of you remember reading “The Little Engine That Could.” The story teaches our children the importance of optimism and hard work. This lesson should certainly be applied to one’s own health and well-being; that is good luck and good genes do not determine good health. Like anything worth having in life, good health requires hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.

Until next week,

Dr. O’Connell

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