Helping me Heal

Thank you so much to everyone at Progressive Spine & Rehab Center (Ian, Eric, Liz and Lynn) for helping me heal after my injury. I highly recommend you to anyone struggling with pain. The personalized treatment was so helpful. Having chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy available under one roof was so convenient. Thank you.

Chronic back pain

I have had chronic back pain for 25 years from competitive sports including front and back fusion surgery in 2002. In 25 years I have not had as much relief as I have since having a combination of deep tissue massage and chiropractic care at Progressive Spine and Rehab Center in Manchester. I am going on 4 months of tx and can’t say enough about these talented, knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners! Highly recommend!!

I recently over stressed my back

I recently over stressed my back & neck and found myself in a world of major discomfort.  I got a 1 hr massage with Shelby followed by physical therapy with Dr Ian and a chiropractic adjustment by Dr Eric. In just that 90 minute appointment I was back to my comfort level that night.  That combination of therapies resulted in restored mobility, improved health and reestablished function.  This event prompted me to write  this open letter of endorsement.

Also please know:

  • Dr Eric O’Connell, DC was recommended to me by another chiropractor
  • The respect, integrity, discipline & communication skills are superb
  • The “Concierge Program” reduces out of pocket expenses
  • When Dr Ian starts singing, you start laughing

I am pleased to give 5 stars to Progressive Spine & Rehab Center

Thanks so much for your dedication to better health.

I can’t speak highly enough

I can’t speak highly enough about the high level of care and service I have received here. I have called here on many occasions where I was in extreme pain and they were able to fit me into their schedule at thenlast minute. Their flexibility and truly caring staff are why I would never even think of going anywhere else.

I felt like he really listened to my problem

I have had a bulging disc in my lower back for a few months. After several trips to my local physical therapy office, I still wasn’t feeling great and the exercises I was prescribed didn’t help or actually hurt. I visited Dr. O’Connell’s office and it was so different! I felt like he really listened to my problem, was sympathetic to the fact that I couldn’t be as active as I wanted to be, and really understood what to do. He showed me exercises to do, did ultrasound on my back and even some acupuncture. I finally felt some relief. It’s hard to find a doctor that has the time to really listen and make a difference and I think Dr. O’Connell is finally that person. Would definitely recommend!