Establishing your 2018 Resolution for Better Health

New Year 2018

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions and never stick to them. Whether it’s losing weight, using Facebook less, or any other New Year’s resolution, it’s hard to keep up after the first few weeks. It’s like you start with a lot of gusto, and then over the next few weeks you’re tuckered out, your will to continue dwindling. Just like when you purchased a FitBit, and then wore it and… Never used it again.

One of the New Year’s resolutions you should consider is trying to improve your health. Since you only get one body, you should resolve to form a year-long plan rather than a vague “resolution”. Improving your physical health leads to improving your mental health, which can overall improve your happiness and healthiness. Wouldn’t you love that?

Here are some goals you should consider setting forth for your New Year’s resolution for better health:

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5 Stress Relief Tips for the Holidays

Woman around Holidays

We know that the holidays can be a difficult time of year. With lots of rushing around, making plans, shopping, and stress over money and visiting family, we know that it can be difficult to remember that stressing can affect your health in a detrimental way. That’s why we’ve got some great holiday tips and tricks to help you beat the stress this holiday season.

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ACA Open Enrollment: What you should know

Older Couple Enjoying Each Other's Company

It’s almost time for the annual open enrollment period for the affordable care act (ACA) also known as “Obamacare”. Open enrollment for health insurance through the market this year runs from November 1st, 2017 to December 15th, 2017. This is a shorter enrollment period than before, so please make sure you plan accordingly. Plans sold through open enrollment will begin January 1st, 2018. Open enrollment period is meant for anyone who is interested in receiving coverage for the marketplace. You can enroll with ACA coverage at other periods throughout the year depending on if you had a life event (death, birth, change of jobs, significant life changes).

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Winter is Coming… And so are Winter Aches & Pains

Winter Backyard out a Window

With the changing of the seasons quickly approaching, you may be no stranger to cold weather aches and pains in your body. Can cold weather cause increased pain in muscles and joints? The answer is yes. How can you avoid these winter aches and pains so you can be your regular and active self?

During the colder winter months and colder fall nights, it’s important to keep in mind some regular health tips:

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Flu Season: To vaccinate or not?

Dr. Schreiber of San Augustine

Flu season is something you hear about a lot. It typically refers to a period of time between late fall and the winter where flu seems to be most rampant. This is why right now you may be seeing a lot of places that are pushing for flu vaccines… Drug stores, specifically, are warning about the dangers of the flu and who should get a free or low-cost vaccination.

There is often debate over whether a flu vaccine is worth it. Many people argue that they get “sick” directly after receiving a flu vaccine, and others believe that they have gotten –more- sick than they would have without the vaccine. So who should get a flu vaccine and does it really work?

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